Win More Votes with Student Council Election Posters

Published: 23rd July 2009
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Running for student council can be a tough and stressful process for students especially if they are face to face with a tight opponent. Aside from distributing flyers around the campus, you can also mount campaign posters to get the attention of your fellow students. Poster prints can be your campaign must-haves with its ability to send messages across to people and create a call to action.

• Create a memorable campaign slogan. Think of a campaign slogan that can sum up all your mission and objectives. Remember that your campaign slogan must be able to stick to the students' minds to create more exposure and awareness for your campaign. Students must remember you whenever they hear your slogan. Your campaign slogan should have a viral effect to create a lasting impact on students' minds.

• Lay down a campaign platform overview. Students need to know what you are capable of doing in order to gain their trust. Think of the skills that qualify you to be a part of the student council. Don't make things up just to win the student body's approval. You should also see to it that the information on your poster is readable even from a distance. This way, the students won't be confused with the messages you are trying to get across.

• Mount the posters in high traffic areas. Put your posters in the gymnasium, cafeteria and favorite student hang outs to ensure that many students will be able to see your campaign posters. Produce extra copies of posters that you can give out to your supporters.

• Go for high-quality poster printing. Seek the expertise of a reputable online printer that offers cheap poster printing to help you cut back on expenses. This great deal gives you the opportunity to produce professional-looking poster prints for your student council campaign.

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